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The CC-300 Single-Ear headset features high ambient-noise attenuation headphones, and a hyper-cardioid dynamic microphone
that provide high quality audio.
The headset has a flexible design and a soft-ear pad to offer superior comfort.

Able to rotate 300 degrees, the microphone boom acts as an On/Off switch for quick microphone muting.




Kino Flo Lighting Systems Select LED 30/20 DMX


The Select LED’s have the versatility and unique features which make it the perfect imaging tool for use in any studio production or on location.

The detachable controller can operate the fixtures remotely with a 25ft (8m) extension cable. For further flexibility, the controller can be attached to the back

of the fixture or mounted onto a stand using the ballast mount (MTP-BAL)) accessory.

Slim in profile at only 3.5 inches, the portable lightweight fixture can be rigged in tight places or screwed onto a wall or ceiling through its eyelets.

The Select LED lights include dial-in variable color temperature control, full-range dimming and programmable 2700K to 6500K presets.

The Select LED’s soft white light is flicker-free and does not shift color temperature when dimmed. Light levels are consistent throughout the Kelvin range.

In addition, Kino Flo introduces a Green/Magenta control to match the spectral sensitive curves of the most popular cameras
and other light sources. With built-in DMX and Lumen Radio® receivers, the Select LED’s can be controlled by DMX and/or
DMX wireless. Wireless capability is an alternative to DMX cables.

Rounding out the Select LED’s attributes is the ability to run on universal input from 100-240VAC, or 24VDC with as little 1.3A, 120VAC.  



Select LED Fixture
• Built-in Barndoors
• Removable Honeycomb Louver
• Twist-on, locking Center Mount

LED Controller
• Kelvin presets & custom settings, 2700K-6500K
• Universal input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC
• Remote Controller
• Manual & DMX Dimming w/ Auto Terminate
• DMX wireless (Lumen Radio)
• Green/Magenta control
• Flicker-free, dead quiet operation





Litepanels Astra 1' x 1' Bi-Color - Next generation LED panel

Continuing to lead the LED revolution in form and function offering

Bi-Color versatility at four times the intensity of the original 1' x 1' LED panel

Product code 935-1003
Max. power draw (Watts) : 110
Comparative output : 575W HMI 2kW Tungsten Softlight




On Camera Lighting

Wide Angle Beam Pattern, Analog Controls with Digital Readout Display, LCD Battery Life Indicator
Slide on Barn Doors, Removable Diffusion Gel Filter, Horizontal and Vertical Interlock Options to create a much larger panel



If you are new to Kennedy’s, let me begin by saying we've been around for over 39 years.
In this time we have seen the industry go from 16mm film, to analog video tape, to the current digital, 
4K, and 8K formats.

Our website has been upgraded to feature our new 
on-line  catalog, and will continue to grow as new
products are added, so check back often. We have an experienced team in place that can recommend equipment that will be compatible with any new purchase you make as well as with your
existing equipment. 

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