The CS-1e is Sanken’s solution to a large demand from many engineers in the video and film Industries. This shotgun mic is easily hidden from the camera’s view because of its short length. Although only 181.5mm, the CS-1e has very sharp directivity and provides excellent sound in a wide variety of professional engineering applications. The CS-1e is very effective on boom poles, and also works extremely well with various kinds of camera mounts for one-man ENG operations. Affordably priced, the CS-1e is ideal for today’s highly mobile operators.

  • Very sharp directivity in a 181.5mm length body.
  • We have evolved the CS-1 which is very popular in the market as its compactness and hight quality performance.
  • This renewal short shot gun mic 'CS-1e' is ideal for the camcorder mount and boom pole operations.
  • Though its total length is only 181.5mm, it has very sharp direction and makes longer reach recording possible.
  • Only 80g weight makes easier for operators to work in the field.
  • Inlcudes:  Foam windscreen, rubber O-ring set (2 pcs) and vinyl case.


120mm long acoustic tube in a standard 250 mm length / 19mm diameter body, with the proprietary Sanken rectangular capsule for supersharp directivity.

Greater directivity and extended reach over greater distances. A rich, natural sound makes the CS-2 ideal for a wide range of uses, such as for outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama, variety shows, and many more.

The “high boost switch automatically compensates for the attenuation of high frequencies when the mic is used with a windscreen/windjammer for outdoor use. As a result, the full, natural sound is maintained.

  • Super Long Reach.
  • Rich and natural sound.
  • Lightweight 3.9oz
  • Very Sharp Directivity.
  • Unique capsule design.
  • Increased immunity to airborne electrical interference.
  • Improved sensitivity and lower noise.
  • Wide 50Hz-20,000Hz response.
  • Quick power-Up.
  • high Boost Switch.
  • Standard XLR connector. 
  • Includes: Foam windscreen and Vinyl case.