Chimera Tech Lightbank Kit

The Chimera Tech Lightbank for soft, beautiful light; used for LED, Plasma and Remote Phosphor lights.  The perfect way to get the most out of the new lighting technologies, and still create beautiful, diffused, talent-friendly light.


LED Lightbanks use proprietary mounting frames that slide into 1X1 and 1X2 light’s front accessory channels and accept the poles in the Lightbank Bodies.  LED Lightbanks use the new Lens Screens that are efficient and blend the LED’s into a single light source. 


The Chimera TECH Lightbanks are lightweight, collapsible, easy to use, and long lasting.  And since it’s made by Chimera, you know you’re getting the kind of high quality that will last year after year, scene after beautiful scene.

(Stand and Light Not Included)